Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Italian Riviera 2006

Ok... All this photos are from 2006, the year when I moved to the US. In the first moth after settling in Kansas City I went to Italy to participate in the Paganini International Competition which takes place every two years in Genova, the hometown of Paganini.
It's a wonderful city with stunning scenery! There is that much beauty over there that it's hard for me to express it in words.
All the shots were taken with a Pentax Optio S50 point-n-shoot. Needles to say that at the time I haven't had opened yet any photography book, website or listened to any photo podcast. It's all the way I saw it and captured the best way I could imagine.
The shots with me warming up are taken by the official photographer of the Competition.
I'm dreaming of going back there someday! What an experience that will be...

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