Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mongolian Poster - Session 2

You know how sometimes things just happen? Well, for me today it was one of those days when things just happen right. First, I found out my car's electric system is not broken, yay, $0 payed at the service. Second, I had a very good performance in the run through for tomorrow's concert and have a good video which will go on YouTube. Third, went to Olga's in the evening for Sauna (feel like a million bucks) and..Four, had another photo shoot with this good looking people from Mongolia.
I'm very happy with the results. Much happier than last time. I think the inspirational goddess was nicer than usual with me. Shoot everything with a 50 mm. Very proud of that. I was a bit doubtful about doing the the job with a prime lens but, guess what... it worked perfectly. Just had to use my feet instead of the zoom ring. This 50 mm lens is sharp, sharp, tack sharp.
Enjoy the photos.

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