Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shokhrukh the great

Shokhrukh or the soul of the king as it might be translated in uzbek language is a very fine lad. He plays the viola and like me, came to the US to study music. We shot all this for my international exhibition which is happening at Park University these days until May 8th.
It was around 11 am and there was plenty of window light coming through the stained glass. I bumped up a bit the ISO just to make sure I'm getting enough highlights and here is around 640. The first shot is a bit more fancy since I used off camera flash, triggered with $40 chinese "pocket wizards" from Amazon which turned out to work flawlessly.
I just love the colors and patterns he is wearing. I was immediately attracted by the colored light shining through the stained glass and tried to capture his poise. Keep close...

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