Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Plein Air Painters Expedition

Yesterday, a beautiful and a bit chilly morning of May, I went exploring a beautiful Iris Farm together with fellow plein air painters. These flowers are really beautiful and I was really stunned by the wide variety of colors and mixes they had on display. There was also a very cute dog running around with a ball in it's mouth and couldn't resist catching that in a fast pan.
I was introduces to this group by a very good friend Mr. Love who is himself an excellent painter and art work connoisseur. Great people, lots of creativity and fun.
Last night I dreamt someone sold me cheap a Zygmuntovics copy of the Titian violin by Stradivari only to wake up and realize to my bitter disappointment it was just... a dream. Where would I have $10000 to pay for that from? Definitely not related to the current post, but still something buzzing on my mind at the moment.
The shots were made with the Lensbaby Composer stopped down at f 5.6 and with the 50mm prime stopped down at f 4, than processed in Adobe Lightroom.
Yesterday the sky was dull and white with even plain light all over the place. It felt like we're sitting under a giant softbox. Therefore, my creative devil urged me to do I enhanced a bit the sky in the digital darkroom :)
Enjoy the shots and happy shooting or painting!

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