Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Martigny - Valais Region - Switzerland

Martigny is a beautiful and picturesque swiss city with ancient gallo-roman roots. As you'll discover in this short monograph, there are a lot of mountains, wines and... history.
The air is very clean, the food very tasty and overall, one will feel as being in the healthiest place on earth. Beside the Roman Amphitheater built by the Emperor Claudius, I found a nice clean architecture with narrow roads and generous mountain panoramas. We need to mention also the Summer Beach which was created in the center of the city for the younger citizens who are playing joyfully each day with little buckets and shovels under their parent's eyes. Next to the beach there is a very nice concert stage where each night bands form all over Switzerland are playing for the locals and tourists as the evening reigns over the city.
I shoot lots of photos during this trip and currently am preparing several posts which will follow shortly. Stay tuned...

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