Friday, October 29, 2010

The Carter Quartet

Within a short period of time the Carter Quartet has developed from a chamber music lover's insider tip to one of the most sought after strings quartets in Kansas City.
The group current members are the violinists Christian Fatu and Trisha McGovern, the violist Shih-Hsun Pan and the cellist Alice Huang. This is a trully international group blending musical traditions from Romania, Taiwan and the US.
Their concert repertoire covers a wide range of styles which promises to deliver a unique, vibrant experience to listeners of all backrounds.
The Carter Quartet’s members hold graduate degrees in performance from the University of Missouri Kansas City and are part of UMKC’s prestigious Professional String Quartet Training Program.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall with the Loves

Meet two very important people for me: Mr. & Mrs. Love.  I have been blessed with great friends. They are both like family to me and my wife.
Today we had a small interview for the Annual Report for Park University and I used this occasion to take their Fall photos.
We had a great time and the timing was perfect. The shots were made around 5:30 pm when some beautiful golden light was coming through this superb tree located in Mr. Love's driveway.
The rest of the photos were made indoors with a bit of help from a strobe aimed at the ceiling.
I'm really happy with the results.  The fact that we're such good friends made a difference, it has opened them up. Often times a photographer has to be a good psychologist. The camera looks both ways! A stiff photographer will produce a stiff expression from his subject... Anyway, that's my piece of wisdom for the day.
Enjoy the photos and catch you up later.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vicky, Vivi & Cristi @ 38 weeks...

As you'll notice in this post, my wife Victoria is an avid tree climber. Normally I guess that's ok for a lady, but when you're 38 weeks pregnant it's a bit more special...
Today after she finished teaching, we went to Loose Park in KC and took this photos. We arrived just when to golden hour was over and the blue hour was starting. So not much light to start with. Therefore a bit of fill flash needed to be added. Just a kiss of light :) All shot in manual around f 5.6 with the zoom racked out to 105mm except this first one where I used the amazing 50mm at f 2.8
As much as I appreciate the flexibility a zoom lens provides, I must say that the look I get from this little prime lens is unmatchable. All processed in Lightroom 3.0
For the photos where I'm also present I used the little remote control ML3. Great little gadget to have in the bag!
So, baby Vivienne is about to come anytime now. Vicky prefers Tuesdays so she can have the rest of the week free from school. Classes are though but she's a fighter. 
Happy shooting everyone :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paris Je t'aime!

Couple of shots from last week's trip to Paris. Great city, never can have enough of it. The clouds were a bit heavy and I felt this treatment would suit better the mood I had when taking the shots. It also helps eliminating those pesky tourists showing up everywhere :)

My good friend Olaya which was an amazing guide. We have't seen each other in 5 years and made it all possible through the marvels of modern social media aka Facebook...

Notre Damme @ 4:30 am. Had a hard time sleeping so I packed my tripod and went for some long exposures. This one was 3 secs at f 3.5 ISO 400...It was cold

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi everybody. Tonight I took some portraits of a good friend of mine. Her name is Erin and as you can see, she plays the piano. We worked in a small room so I used both the 18-105VR and the 50mm lens.
It was challenging. How do you portray someone with a big, black instrument and make it look nice? So, we tried various poses, angles and these are the ones I liked the most. I hope Erin will agree with me.
The lighting was extremely poor so I used my SB600 strobe mounted on a stand off camera and shoot through a white umbrella. It was a lot of fun to move the light in various places and see what came out. Also, to play with the shutter speed, aperture, ISO triangle to get an optimal exposure.
I processed all shots in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 and applied different color treatments for different looks. 
Had lots of fun and didn't even noticed when the 1.5 hours passed at the photo shoot.
Wednesday I'm traveling to Paris and I think there will be some photos happening over there. Very exciting times!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My new bike

Not long ago, I had the unpleasant surprise to discover my bike was stolen. The shocking part was that it was stolen from my front porch where I had it tied. Soon after, I discovered my life got really complicated getting late to classes and rehearsals without a bike. So, soon after I bought a shiny new blue bike from Walmart. Did a bit of research, new what I was after, budget, other details and got this nice Schwinn Sidewinder.
Photos taken in Loose Park, in Kansas City with my D90 together with the Lensbaby Composer with the f5.6 aperture. The color treatment is a but wild and I was after this look since a bike can be a pretty darn little wild thing.