Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vicky, Vivi & Cristi @ 38 weeks...

As you'll notice in this post, my wife Victoria is an avid tree climber. Normally I guess that's ok for a lady, but when you're 38 weeks pregnant it's a bit more special...
Today after she finished teaching, we went to Loose Park in KC and took this photos. We arrived just when to golden hour was over and the blue hour was starting. So not much light to start with. Therefore a bit of fill flash needed to be added. Just a kiss of light :) All shot in manual around f 5.6 with the zoom racked out to 105mm except this first one where I used the amazing 50mm at f 2.8
As much as I appreciate the flexibility a zoom lens provides, I must say that the look I get from this little prime lens is unmatchable. All processed in Lightroom 3.0
For the photos where I'm also present I used the little remote control ML3. Great little gadget to have in the bag!
So, baby Vivienne is about to come anytime now. Vicky prefers Tuesdays so she can have the rest of the week free from school. Classes are though but she's a fighter. 
Happy shooting everyone :)

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