Monday, November 1, 2010

Aiden, Zhanna and Beau

Hoorayy... Aiden's first Halloween together with my best friends, mommy Zhanna and daddy Beau. Chili morning yesterday in Loose Park where we met for this wonderful photos. He's a real sport and endured bravely the 3 or 4 outfit changes he went through. There were times where he protested but we figured out his just trying  a new pose so we went with him.
The lighting was mixed, sunny - overcast - sunny - overcast.... so we adjust accordingly using a nice, big Westcott reflector kindly handled by my trusty assistant and wife Victoria.
All was shot mainly with the 50mm stopped down around f 1.8 through 5.6 and some with the 18-105VR at 18mm. Camera of choice, of course Nikon D90!
Playgrounds are great places to capture kids or babies. One quick tip: Go on a cold morning or as early as possible and you'll find it empty or mostly empty. That will cut the clutter and distractions coming from the other little clients.
Well, it's a new week and I need to go back to my real job, music. 
More to come. Two really cute ones awaiting to go online :)

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