Thursday, December 23, 2010


Meet Abby. She's a beautiful young actress, daughter of my good friend Michael. Today it was a cold, cold day in Kansas City and Abby faced the cold amazingly well! In the beginning I was a bit concerned the cold might spoil her mood but it was the opposite! It made us both work more to create this great looking portfolio shots. At the shoot we had also her sisters and dad who agreed to pose a fun shot.
The sky was a huge soft box and gave us a nice even light. All was shot in Aperture Priority, ISO 200 with the 55-200VR Nikkor lens stopped down from f 4 - 5.6 and 1/250 sec. + paired with the Nikon D90.
After the shoot I went to my other job which is teaching violin and on the way couldn't help giggling like a little girl a the thought that I have such a blessed life to be able to play music and take photos! 

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