Monday, December 6, 2010

CD Project Shoot

Hi everyone. Today I went to Beau's house and shoot this good looking people for a CD cover. The light was kinda dim so had to use a strobe shoot through an umbrella triggered wirelessly, aimed at the ceiling for more natural looks. The big surprise came when some of the shots where the strobe mis fired came out really contrasty and cool looking... So a mis can be sometimes a good thing! Shoot everything in manual, ISO 640, f 8, 1/80 sec.
I felt a bit frustrated due to lack of space. We were in a house and the working distance was relatively small. Also, there was a lot of clutter around and was a quite a challenge to keep the frame as clean and straight as possible.
Perspective is a wondrous thing and have tried to keep all the shots above 50 mm for more pleasing looks. Ideally I would have shoot everything with a 200 mm lens but the space didn't allow more than 100mm. I used both a zoom 18-105VR and the 50mm f 1.8 both from Nikon.
The guys did wonderful. They're professional actors and you can see they've done this a million times. Well, thanks for looking. 

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