Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Loves

Merry Christmas everyone!
Last night it was the Christmas Eve and we celebrate it with our good friends Jim and Bette Love and their big family.
This was the first Christmas for two newcomers to this world, my daughter Vivienne and James, Mr. Love's great-grandson. It was a warm, christmasy atmosphere and we all enjoyed each other.
We all got wonderful gifts from Santa through the hands of our good friends. Vivienne acted beautifully and made new friends among the little and bigger people.
This event happened in Mr. Love's italian themed basement. I used only available light so had to shoot wide open, f 2 with the 50mm lens, ISO bumped up to 1600 and occasionally 2000, 1/1oo sec shutter speed on my Nikon D90.
Children are wonderful subjects and if you wait enough they'll give you some wonderful candid natural expressions. Enjoy the shots.
Thank you Mr. Love for a wonderful Christmas Eve Party!

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