Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kansas City...a winter wonderland

Big storm today in Kansas City. So big that they had to shut down schools, business... you name it. After a cozy day inside I took my toy point and shoot plus a crappy tripod and off to the snowy streets. It was really cold outside, so cold that I had to change the batteries twice in my little toy camera. I am amazed of what I've got with such a small one.
Anyway, I toned the images to the way I felt out there. Cold, cold, cold! It was pitch dark so each exposure ranged from 1 to several seconds, and that's where the tripod helped. Would have liked to have some more live subjects but I guess everybody and everything was under a thick layer of snow or behind a nice warmed electrical blanket. Really, no cats, squirrels or even bunnies were to be found. If this would have been in Bucharest I'm pretty sure you'd see at least one shot with a hoard of stray dogs chasing me :)
Some really fun shots with Vivienne on a white seamless coming up. Toy, toy and stay warm

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