Monday, May 23, 2011

My first cover!

Ok... this was a nice gig and I got to admit that I am pretty proud to have been hired to shoot the main story for the Spring '11 issue of the Park University Magazine.
The concept was pretty straight, basically to portray our subject Dr. Kleindl in various locations around the beautiful and historical Parkville Campus.
As we all know (or learning about it), it's kinda difficult to include too many elements in a frame before it becomes awfully cluttered and weak. So, we went for some classic shots in front of interesting door frames. Interestingly enough, the photograph that won the cover was one of the last ones we shot, in the shade of this big glass wall with the earth and all the cool stuff portraying the global connection and vision of both Park University and the newly appointed Dean of Business!
The schedule was tight and after rescheduling twice due to inclement weather and spring break we finally met in a beautiful sunny February morning. The weather was nice but my problem was the sun... just to much of it! Tried to shoot as much as possible in the shade with some light bounced from the reflector for a natural fill and also using a diffuser where there was no shade.
If you don't have a nice charismatic assistant get one (and that's a gold tip!). I was fortunate to be assisted by Vanessa, a wonderful very talented writer, which made everything come very smooth and natural. Dr. Kleindl was very nice and cooperative and I think he enjoyed taking one hour of from all his businesses.
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  1. Oh, you did this? I loved the cover so much, and I recognized the man from seeing him around campus a while back... fantastic pictures! :)