Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bucharest by night...

 Fire Watch Tower 1890

Hello from Bucharest. Back in my hometown. I always thought it's difficult to shoot places where you live and that's mainly because of the familiarity that develops. Everything becomes normal, usual and there's not much to excite the artistic eye. But... since I no longer live here, I feel like a visitor and there are some creative juices flowing.
Here is a short collage with shots taken at the blue hour and past that. The concept behind the shots is: What can I show to someone that has not been here?
I must say I'm very excited about the 18-200VR Nikkor which opened up a world of possibilities. Excellent for street photography!
More tk.

 Street View
 Greek Church
 Men at work (11 pm!)
 Night Life
 Le Bourgeois Restaurant - Old Town
 Night Lights
 Old Fashion Beer Cart
 Ice Cream & Pancakes 
 Court House
 Parliament Palace or Casa Poporului
(second largest administrative building in the world, the Pentagon being the first)
 Two happy fellows
 The real Black Swans!
 Casa Scanteii - 1952
 (similar architecture to the Moscow University)
The Triumph Arch - Arcul de Triumf

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