Monday, August 15, 2011

5 hours in Helsinki

Helsinki is a magnificent city, one of the jewels of the Baltic! It was founded by a Swedish King in 1550 and became the capital of a newly founded Grand Duchy of Finland in 1812 when a monumental Empire-style city plan was drawn to reflect the power of Russia and the Czar.
I have a secret passion for boats, yachts, water... and I wanted for a long time to shoot this kind of photos. Taking advantage of my 21 hours layover, I spent 5 unforgettable hours in Helsinki walking, photographing, visiting, dreaming, absorbing the culture of the place as much as one can do in such a short amount of time.
The air is full of sea flavors and there's a bird sing song present constantly. It's almost like a soundtrack for this city.
People seem very happy, carefree, enjoying life on their yachts or sipping a cup of tea at one of the numerous street cafes. Many tourists as well waiting in line for a water bus or a delicious ice cream sold at every street corner.

The Perfect Dinner : Champagne, Cheese and fresh rolls!   

The Uspenski Cathedral - 1868
The largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe with 14 golden cupolas and an interior that reflects the Byzantine tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Girl's boat night out 

A bit of glamourous romance :) 

Marina view of the Cathedral 

Oldies but goldies

...a bit expensive for a chair? 

The Helsinki Cathedral 

Czar Alexander II & seagull  

Fabulous moon 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Romanian Trip Journal

This year's trip was very special. Beside playing couple of concerts, practicing the violin, taking photos, traveling to Romania and Germany, we also christened our daughter Vivienne on July 31 in Bucharest. There are photos of that ceremony (used with permission of local photographers) on Vivienne's website.
For this event we had guests and family coming from USA, Greece, Russia and of course from Romania. So, we can say it was a pretty international event!
The ceremony happened at the St. Nicholas Udricani Church in Bucharest (above) and it was performed by Vivienne's godfather Pr.Dr.Univ. Constantin Patuleanu (below).
After this event, taking advantage of the good weather we went for a trip around Romania and here are couple of images we took. Some of the photos are taken by Inna, my wife's sister. We used two Nikons D90 & D40 with 18-200VR & 18-55.

Bucharest, Peasant's Museum

Traditional handmade jewelry

My youth dream car (around kindergarden) 

Sinaia, Peles Castle



Bucegi Mountains, Sana Regala 1299 m 

comestible wildlife  

wheels - 3rd century style  

 Sinaia  Monastery

Brasov, The Black Church 

Piata Sfatului 


Poiana Brasov, Stana Dacilor Restaurant 

Foggi Day  

Rasnov Citadel 

Bran Castle (Dracula's.....) 

Vivienne enjoying the terrace sun 

Romanian Flag 


My two muses  


Taking a moment 

Danes Dracul Inn 

What's for dinner? 

and back to Bucharest, The House of People
the second largest administrative building in the world

plus interiors (the place is HUGE)

midday Bucharest views 

Thanks for watching so many photos!