Monday, August 15, 2011

5 hours in Helsinki

Helsinki is a magnificent city, one of the jewels of the Baltic! It was founded by a Swedish King in 1550 and became the capital of a newly founded Grand Duchy of Finland in 1812 when a monumental Empire-style city plan was drawn to reflect the power of Russia and the Czar.
I have a secret passion for boats, yachts, water... and I wanted for a long time to shoot this kind of photos. Taking advantage of my 21 hours layover, I spent 5 unforgettable hours in Helsinki walking, photographing, visiting, dreaming, absorbing the culture of the place as much as one can do in such a short amount of time.
The air is full of sea flavors and there's a bird sing song present constantly. It's almost like a soundtrack for this city.
People seem very happy, carefree, enjoying life on their yachts or sipping a cup of tea at one of the numerous street cafes. Many tourists as well waiting in line for a water bus or a delicious ice cream sold at every street corner.

The Perfect Dinner : Champagne, Cheese and fresh rolls!   

The Uspenski Cathedral - 1868
The largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe with 14 golden cupolas and an interior that reflects the Byzantine tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Girl's boat night out 

A bit of glamourous romance :) 

Marina view of the Cathedral 

Oldies but goldies

...a bit expensive for a chair? 

The Helsinki Cathedral 

Czar Alexander II & seagull  

Fabulous moon 

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