Friday, December 9, 2011

Aicha, Rukhsora and Ravshan

These are our very good friends Aicha, Rukhsora and Ravshan. We wanted to shoot some family portraits and also couple of solo shots for more official purposes. Rukhsora is from Uzbekistan and I used this opportunity to take some shots of her in a traditional Uzbek costume for a project I'm currently working on. All was lit with a key light and the main umbrella hooked to a SB600 strobe.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Steve's Concert Hall

Last night I performed together with my friends and colleagues at Steve's home. I must admit it was a delightful evening and everyone seemed to have a great time starting with us the musicians. I snapped here couple of shots to record the moment with my new stealth camera, the little S95. Very impressed by the results and just love the manual mode. Technical details: ISO 100-400, 1/20 sec., f/2.0
Thanks to our hosts for welcoming our music in their home.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Canon S95 Test

I always missed to have a small camera. One that could go in my pocket and now, after much debate and some research I made the jump and got the Canon S95. I have it for a week already and I must admit it's a smart little camera with dSLR like feel and in certain conditions even results.
Couple of days ago I went to some Christmas Festivities in the little town I live in and shoot everything at ISO 1600. The first two shots are ISO 400 with the macro setting.
Again, I'm astounded by what this little package will give me and very excited for the world of possibilities that opens up when I'll travel abroad next summer.
Could be a good gift idea for your photography addicted or non-addicted friend or family this Christmas!