Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wouter and Family

This is Wouter and his charming family. Wouter has been my host in Antwerp, Belgium in the first two weeks of May and we became very good friends. The last day of my trip we went to visit Wouter's family. We all had a good time and taking advantage of a beautiful day we took these portraits.
All was shot with the 50mm stopped down around f/2.8 except the last photo which has an aperture of f/8 for greater depth of field.
Even though the light was soft and diffused by the large clouds I still had a hard time to get proper light in the eyes area. So I had my subjects sit and slightly point their head up to get a bit of catchlights. A reflector would have helped a lot but I did not had one with me nor I had an assistant to help with that.
More to come from my european trip soon.

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  1. Wonderful souvenir of a marvellous day! Wouter